>I think I’m going to cry…

>…tears of joy!

Today I got two pieces of professional validation. First, I received my merit score from the department merit evaluation committee and it’s very nearly perfect. Yay me!

But the best news is the kind of anecdote that just makes a prof’s day. One of my colleagues said she was discussing language change in one of her classes and brought in examples from various points in the history of English, including an excerpt from The Canterbury Tales. One of my former Chaucer students happened to be in the class and *volunteered*, *enthusiastically* (according to my colleague) to read the Chaucer aloud and apparently did so brilliantly and with ease. She then apparently spoke very highly of my class. Heck, I’m just thrilled with a student volunteering to read Chaucer aloud in front of her peers!

*Sniffle.* Warms the cockles of my heart! I *heart* that student. And I’m grateful to my colleague for telling me about it, too.


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