>Ooh! A red-tailed hawk!

>Cool! There’s a red-tailed hawk sitting in the tall tree in the courtyard outside my campus office window. At least I *think* it’s a red-tailed hawk. I haven’t been able to see its tail clearly, but the rest of it matches. Plus, they’re pretty common all across the States, so it’s more likely to be a red-tailed hawk than just about any other species.

I love the courtyard outside my office. Gargoyles and hawks — what else could a medievalist want?

[UPDATE: OK, I’m almost certain my avian friend is a light form of the red-tailed hawk. And, btw, s/he just caught another bird — a pigeon, I think, judging from the color — and is feasting on it in the crook of the tree right at my eye level. It looks like it’s plucking it first — just like we pluck chickens — but that’s probably just an effect of the feathers flying around. I’m fascinated. I’ve never watched a bird of prey eat in real life before….Can you tell I’m having a hard time concentrating on work?]


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