>Interjection or exclamation! Longer exclamation!

>This is just to say that I will no longer use the ‘style’ (if it can be called that) of blog entry title that I mock in the title of this post. Honestly. And I will reduce the use of exclamation points. What am I — a thirteen year old girl? Sheesh.

On a more positive note, I now have the School House Rock “Interjection!” song going through my head.

Innnnn – ter – JEC – tions!
Show excitement!
Or Emotion!

Well, yeah, but so does nuanced writing. I am going to try to aim for more of that.


2 thoughts on “>Interjection or exclamation! Longer exclamation!

  1. >Excellent! I’d forgotten about that song. Now I’ve got it in my head. Happy happy joy joy! (Oops, now the Rem and Stimpy song is in my head, too. Soon, there will be no room left for actual thoughts.)

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