>Tracking Fast Fizzy in NYC

>It’s just after noon EST on Sunday, Nov. 6 and the men’s leaders of the NY Marathon are nearing the finish. If it started on time (10:10am) then they only have about 15 minutes to go as I write, based on leader Meb Keflezighi’s 20-mile split of 1:38:40 and projected finish of 2:09:15.

My brother, meanwhile, is a *little* behind those guys. I don’t have a 20-mile split for him yet, but at the half marathon (13.1 miles) his time was 1:31:56, a 7:01 min/mile pace, for an estimated 3:03:52 finish if he holds that pace. But I’m a little worried he took off a bit too fast and that he’ll pay for it in the end. His first 6.2 miles (10K) was 43:15 — a 6:58 min/mile pace — which means he’s already slowed down. I’m hoping that slow-down was conscious — an effort to hold back so he doesn’t bonk — and not gradually building fatigue. Keeping my fingers crossed.

He said he’d be happy with a 3:20 finish, but right now he’s on his way to amazing new PR (his current PR is around 3:13) and a sub 3:05 finish, which would make him *40* minutes faster than I am now.

Go, Fast Fizzy, go!

Keep your fingers crossed for him and I’ll post an update when I know his 20-mile split and finish time.

UPDATE: Ooh! Paul Tergat (Kenya), the world-record holder, won the day for the men with a 2:09:30 finish. Meb, who was leading their pack at mile 20 (the front runners generally run together for most of the race), finished 26 seconds behind at 2:09:56. That’s only a one second per mile difference, but he came in third place. Hendrick Ramaala (South Africa) squeezed in-between for a 2:09:31 finish — ONLY ONE SECOND BEHIND THE WINNER. My god, that must have been exciting! Meanwhile, the women’s winner, Jelena Prokopcuka (Latvia), finished in 2:24:41. The women’s race was an exciting, close race, too: the second place winner, Susan Chepkemei (Kenya), finished in 2:24:55. I wish I could’ve been there to watch — or at least watch on NY tv.

UDPATE ON FAST FIZZY: OK, I have a 20-mile split for my brother now: 2:22:17 (7:06 pace) and a projected finish: 3:06:23. He’s slowing down a smidgen, so I don’t think he’s going to speed up to finish under 3:05, but he’s well on track to set a great PR if he doesn’t run out of steam in the last 6.2 miles.

HOT DAMN! FINAL EXCELLENT UPDATE ON FAST FIZZY: My speedy bro’ finished the race by setting a new PR in an amazing 3:08:28 (chip time). Way to go big bro’! Congratulations!

Damn, he’s skinny! And yes, I guess the face-obsuring white hat is a family fashion now.
Mustache optional.
Post-race photo courtesy of Virgo Sis, who was there, along with Fast Fizzy’s wife, kid, and in-laws.

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