>Blogger meet-up

>Ooh! I’m going to have my very first blogger meet-up this evening and it’s with one of the grand pooh-bahs of academic blogging, Michael Bérubé. Cool! I’m such a dorkus malorkus that I’m actually kinda nervous. Must be smart. Must be funny. Oh the pressure!

God, this is almost like the time that I met The Clash after winning backstage passes at a concert in KC (at Starlight Theater, believe it or not past and present Kansas Citians) and was so nervous and intimidated that I could hardly speak. Doh. Of course, I was only 15 then. Perhaps being a real grown-up now will give me stuff to talk about. And somehow I doubt that Michael will be toting around a gi-normous, camouflage-painted boom box that blasts Mexican folk music, so that should help conversation. (Seriously, that’s what The Clash were playing in their dressing room. It blew my mind.) Although, you know, if Michael were toting such an accessory it would be really, really funny.


2 thoughts on “>Blogger meet-up

  1. >Yes, well, I was sooooo nervous that I forgot to tell him how much I enjoyed the talk! Doh! Doh! Doh! Must e-mail him now! And apparently I frowned through the whole thing because I was concentrating so hard. Again: doh! doh! doh!

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