>Where Dr. Virago works

>Since I haven’t had much time to comment much on people’s blogs or to blog myself (though I really want to write all about the joys of silly words, including Boyfriend’s Nephew’s obsession with the word “taco,” my obsessions with the “pants” game, and my favorite novelty song ever) because I’m racing to meet the deadline for my book revisions, I thought I’d show you a picture of where I’m spending all my hair-pulling, teeth-clenching time.

Voila, Dr. Virago’s home study (click on picture for bigger version):

The desk and the computer where I am now sitting are on the right, a little out of the picture. (ETA: Actually, it seems my computer isn’t actually in the picture at all, but it would be in the empty space next to the mouse. Well, duh.) This room is the only one that still has shades of purple as a dominant color — purple and green used to be my old decorating scheme, but now the rest of my house is in autumnal shades of reds, oranges, browns, and some green. (More pictures in the future, perhaps.)

There, that was a quick and easy post to do. And for you still struggling grad students: yes, look what you’ll be able to afford on a prof’s salary if you’re willing to move to a rust-belt town — a whole room to work in!


10 thoughts on “>Where Dr. Virago works

  1. >Well, not normally. I took that picture in the summer or spring, I think — note the bright light and open windows — and clearly I cleaned before photographing it.Right now it’s not so bad because I cleaned up this weekend thinking it might make the unpleasant editing a little more pleasant. But it’s not as clean as in that picture.

  2. >Well, yes, that’s where the “rust belt town” part comes in handy. I doubt I’d be able to afford more than one room in your neck of the woods (or what I guess is your neck of the woods), either.

  3. >The file folders are deceptive — they’re articles related to my book filed in such weird categories that I never can find one when I need it! I think I’ll go alphabetical by author from now on.And yes, that’s an HP printer that I bought way back in 1994 when it cost something outrageous like $600. (I worked an extra job my first year in grad school and saved my xmas and b-day money all so I could buy it and not have to go to school to print things.) I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. But the darn toner cartridges are $90, so next time I run out I’m buying a new printer instead!

  4. >Fast Fizzy — well, yes, the *landlord* painted, but *I* cleaned and organized. Thing is, I do it sporadically, and definitely not in the days leading up to marathons, which is the only time you’ve been here. So there!HeoCwaeth — hee hee! Well, you’ve already got the right pseudonym! 🙂

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