>Hey, it’s National De-Lurking Week!

>I’ve gotten a lot more readers recently in a pretty steady stream (many of whom came by way of Inside Higher Ed, but others from my commenting spree of late). Since some of you may not have felt like you could just jump in to the conversation, I thought I’d give you an open thread to say hi and maybe tell me how you got here, if you like. Go ahead — I won’t bite, I promise! But if you prefer to keep to yourself, that’s OK, too.

Graphic from Paper Napkin.


24 thoughts on “>Hey, it’s National De-Lurking Week!

  1. >Hi. I came over when you mentioned at Michael Berube’s that you saw him speak in Ann Arbor. I was in the audience as well 😉 So I started reading and I really like your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. >Hi everyone! And btw, I read all of your blogs, too, but I have to get around to updating my ancient blogroll!JM — I’ll also get around someday to buying your book so I can get more out of this here blog! 🙂 Your sticky post, btw, on expandable posts looks so much better than the Blogger help article. I keep meaning to follow your directions and try it, but you know…busy and all that.Jo(e) — I don’t know if you’ve commented here, but I’ve commented at your place, anyway.Air — I noticed your comment along the same lines and started reading your blog at the same time! What a small blogging world it is! 🙂

  3. >I’ve recently de-lurked here (I feel like a trekkie talking about some Klingon ship or something), but I’ll try to stay more visible from here on out. It’s what this whole on-line community things about, isn’t it?

  4. >I feel like a trekkie talking about some Klingon ship or somethingThis geek LOL’d at that. I once pointed to a hawk and said, “Look, a bird of prey,” to which my Trekkie friend answered, “Klingon or Romulan?”Btw, I believe the preferred term is “Trekker.” :)I am such a geek.

  5. >Like Cats & Dogma, I recently de-lurked here too, although I had been reading for a while. However, I am not a blogger, but a dissertating grad students (medieval to early modern topic) who uses the social “space” of blogs to learn a bit more and, of course, to procrastinate. To answer your question, Dr. Virago, I found you through a fairly clear route. I began reading BitchPhd quite avidly a while ago and began going through her links. Ancrene Wiseass appears there (you might too because I no longer prey on her links–I have found favorites to read) and she links to you, along with other, medievalist bloggers. I too will try to stay more visible from here on, especially with such great stuff as your last few entries.Best, Derrick

  6. >Air said: Dr. V, you just made my day, thanks!And Derrick said: such great stuff as your last few entries.Aw shucks, guys, now I’m blushing! Anyway, glad you and everyone are sticking around! 🙂

  7. >Even worse — I think that Trekkie is still appropriate for the first generation fandom, while Trekker is preferred by second-gen Original Series and STTNG (and subsequent series) fans …Yep. founding member of a ST club in Jr high.And not really a lurker.

  8. >Might as well delurk here. Ran across this blog via comments at Berube’s: as if I need something else to help me procrastinate! Derrick: hello says the Meat-&-Animals dissertator.

  9. >Hi, I found your blog through ‘Heo Cwaeth’ two nights ago and in the spirit of ‘delurking’, voilà. I thought your entry on anthologies and survey courses to be invigorating. I’ll definitely be back. Hope your weekend goes well and you get to enjoy at least one nice cup of coffee and a blogging break! ~A

  10. >Hi! I have been a reader off ‘n’ on for a while, and have been meaning to add you to my blogroll for quite a while, but somehow you haven’t gotten on there. Going to change that right now.

  11. >I don’t think that I’m really lurking — but then again…I’m David and my interest is communication (mass media). I’m taking a year-long trip and testing the utility of seven media channels: blog; newspaper column; online forum; map room; photo gallery; podcasts; and radio.Take a look — and leave a comment, if you aren’t a lurker…http://wanderingdave.com

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