>Happy happy joy joy! Good news!

>The good news I have is not mine, but the Boyfriend’s — he got the first review of his first book and it’s absolutely glowing! Woo-hoo! The reviewer liked him so much that by the end of the review he was using Boyfriend’s last name as an adjective, as in “Smithian argument” and “Smithian framework.” (Boyfriend’s last name is not actually Smith, btw.) How cool would it be if people in Boyfriend’s field started tossing around “Smithian framework” (albeit with Boyfriend’s actual last name!) as common parlance?!

Oh how I wish I weren’t anonymous right now because I’d really love to tell you all about Boyfriend’s book, especially since it’s on such an important issue in American politics and political theory. [Edited to take out original link to article to preserve the Boyfriend‘s anonymity. Duh.] And also because near the end there’s a really funny line comparing Boyfriend to the literary/political thinker/public intellectual whom he takes on. A clue: the intellectual in question has a last name that is also an aquatic creature. Alas, I cannot share that with you in this forum.

And in other Boyfriend-related news, Boyfriend’s nephew has a new hairstyle for the new year: a blue arrow-shaped mohawk pointing at his face. Apparently it’s based on a cartoon character, but I don’t know which one.

[Edited to fix odd typos.]


15 thoughts on “>Happy happy joy joy! Good news!

  1. >MT — Movie? You mean when Boyfriend’s book hits the big time? (Yeah, because political theory books do that *all* the time. 🙂 ) Well, how about Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) – because my students all think I look like her.Fizzy – what on earth are you talking about?????

  2. >If “A Brief History of Time” got made into a movie, anything can get made into a movie. But I reckon I was just being silly up there with my movie comment. Just trying to join in the excitement. FYI, for todays capcha we have: “ougerve”(sounds delicio)(drat, wasn’t fast enough: now it’s “xxdlxpoh”)

  3. >way cool.One of my star coaching clients was just told what she needed to get tenure at her Ivy…Her second (gasp) book had to lead to the kind of reviews BF is getting. So… in short… he rocks. big time.

  4. >Hooray! Congrats to you both.(And I strongly suspect that the aquatic creature in question is the same one I take on in one of my own chapters–although, no doubt, for radically different reasons/issues. . .)

  5. >Lecturess, I’m pretty sure it is the same aquatic creature, given what century I think you do. Of course, Boyfriend addresses his political writing on speech, but same creature nonetheless.

  6. >Congrats on the great news!Why is it I can’t think of a single aquatic creature that makes any sense as a surname? (The ones I’ve thought of are funny, though, so I suppose I’ve amused myself a bit.)

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