>100 facts about Dr. Virago, one at a time

>Because of a recent post by Lisa, it has been brought to my attention that Prof. Bastard is doing the “100 facts” meme one at a time, over 100 days. Now, Prof. Bastard seems like a much more interesting person than I am (and I need to start reading his hilarious cranky blog more often), but since I kind of half promised Ancrene Wiseass that I’d do that meme and know that I’ll probably never actually get around to it in complete form, I thought maybe I’d do it Prof. Bastard style. Plus it will give me an easy way to do more frequent posting in between the gargantuan posts. I probably won’t do them consecutively, though, as I think Prof. Bastard is doing.

So here’s fact number one about Dr. Virago: Like Ancrene Wiseass, as a child I used to climb up in trees with a bunch of books and sit up there reading happily for hours. And sometimes I still have urges to climb trees.


13 thoughts on “>100 facts about Dr. Virago, one at a time

  1. >Oh Karl, that made me really, truly laugh out loud. And now I’m also weirdly sad for you — picturing you (even though I don’t know what you look like!) trying desperately to fit into the dryer and sighing sadly when you can’t.

  2. >LOL, I never tried the dryer. I’m told I used to climb into the bottom dresser drawer of my Mom’s dresser and “read” picture books. But I haven’t tried climbing into a drawer in years!

  3. >Thanks for the link to Cohen’s blog, Karl! Nifty.The dryer is a fantastic idea. I never tried that one! the tree was usually my way of escaping, but I also used the time honored basement-nobody-visits and hiding-under-the-blankets-at-night routines.

  4. >Thing with the dryer: ours had a little light in it, like a fridge. If I opened the door just a little (not so much that my dad could see that it was open), I’d have light but still be hidden.And then, god help me, I’d probably be reading LOTR or whatever else the hell I was reading in those days.

  5. >The problem with climbing trees now that I’m middle-aged–and I’ve tried it–is that they are no longer as comfortable as they used to be. Despite my added layers of padding, things poke into me, and pieces of me fall asleep. So now I prefer my armchair, but it does have its own disadvantages–people (usually my children) find me easily and demand food. Which I have to shop for.Liz

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