>Jeffrey Jerome Cohen has a blog

>Thanks to a comment left by Karl (aka The Idiot, or sometimes The Grumpy Grouchy Medievalist) , I and a bunch of you now know that Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, medievalist and professor of English at George Washington University, has a blog. I thought it was worth bringing this out of the comments below and noting on the front page, so to speak. There’s some heavy-duty commenting going on already (right now mostly by Prof. Cohen and Karl) in addition to Prof. Cohen’s wonderful posts (which are mostly excerpts of works in progress), but mostly what I want to point out, in case you miss it by not visiting the comments, is that Prof. Cohen is also very, very funny!


4 thoughts on “>Jeffrey Jerome Cohen has a blog

  1. >My blog? I never made it. It seemed to me that blogger was forcing me to come up with a blog title in order to register under blogger. As much time as I put into comments, I just don’t think I have time to do my own blog, but someday, I suppose, I’ll fill up the space w/ material on my own research interests (animals, meat, boundaries of the human).And now to read Books VIII and IX of Paradise Lost in the next two hours to teach a class at 4:10! Wish me luck and no students during my office hour!

  2. >Ah, I see.It is a nifty blog name, so I’ll send you wishes for more time in which to use it. And good luck with the Milton!And Dr. V, you’re right about Prof. Cohen being terrifically funny.

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