>Wendy Wasserstein

>Sad news today. Wendy Wasserstein died yesterday, of lymphoma, at the much too young age of 55. The New York Times article is very good in reviewing and assessing both her talent and her impact. A small sample:

Ms. Wasserstein’s abundant gift for comedy and her plays’ popularity disguised the more serious ambitions underpinning her writing. “My work is often thought of as lightweight commercial comedy,” she told The Paris Review in 1997, “and I have always thought, No, you don’t understand: this is in fact a political act. ‘The Sisters Rosensweig’ had the largest advance in Broadway history,” for a play (not a musical). Therefore, she continued, “nobody is going to turn down a play on Broadway because a woman wrote it or because it’s about women.” When Ms. Wasserstein won the best-play Tony for “Heidi Chronicles,” it was the first time a woman had won the prize solo.


9 thoughts on “>Wendy Wasserstein

  1. >I only became conscious of her a year ago when I heard a performance of “the Heidi Chronicles” on the radio. I was blown away, and immediately set to combing the Web for who she was. Sad news.

  2. >Thanks for this news, which I had missed. Very sad indeed. I regularly teach Heidi Chronicles, which my male students usually hate and my female students love. More than one student has become a self-identified feminist after reading this play in my class, which I always find a powerful experience.

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