>Hello? Anyone out there?

>OK, I suck as a blogger this week. I also kind of suck as a 1) professor and scholar, 2) daughter and sister, 3) person who has her shit together. So far as I know I don’t yet suck as a girlfriend, but hey, the week’s not over yet.* So there’s that.

In the meantime, all hail the mighty Giblets! Bow down before Giblets and listen to (or rather, read) the Giblets’ State of the Universe Address. (Yeah, the universe pretty much sucks too. It also blows.)

*Er, get your minds out of the gutter — my family reads this blog!


3 thoughts on “>Hello? Anyone out there?

  1. >Tee hee! /grinI think I’ve seen three really good parodies of the State of the Union address so far. Naturally I can’t remember where I saw any of them. What a frustrating state of affairs these days.

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