>Fun fact four (in a series of 100)

>Dr. Virago has not had her hair cut since November 11, 2004.

Yes, that’s right, I said 2004. Yes, I know it’s now 2006. No, that’s not a typo.

I hate new hairdressers. I’ve had too many “haircuts from hell” from new hairdressers. One time some idiot thinned my thick, curly hair and tried to give me a shag. So I take a *lot* of time choosing a new hairdrresser carefully. It took me a year and a half to find a good one in Sprawling Big City, and I stayed with him the entire time I lived there, even after I moved half way across the city from his place. His name was (and still is) Frank and he’s a genius with my hair. So I gave him 9 years of loyalty. (Plus my good stories about celebrities. He loved those. Also, my dating horror stories. He loved those, too.) In return, he gave me a ‘student discount,’ even after I got my Ph.D. and was lecturing. The last time I got my hair cut (yes, Nov. 11, 2004) I happened to be in Sprawling Big City for a wedding and so went back to Frank. I think I may finally bite the bullet and get it cut here, though, because it’s pretty darn dried out on the ends and the long hair thing doesn’t work on me. There’s too damn much of it, it’s annoying, and shorter cuts are more flattering with my small features, which can get overwhelmed by all that damn hair. I saw a woman in a local coffee shop recently who had hair like mine in texture and curl and thickness and she had a *very* cute, short cut. I got her hairdresser’s name, and it turns out he’s close by and affordable. I just have to make the time for an appointment now.

Here’s a not-very-good picture of my hair not long before that cut in 2004, a little shorter than it is now (by about 3 inches), but equally in need of a cut at the time (note the scraggly ends):


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