>Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog…AND T-SHIRTS!

>I know many of you are already fans of that Middle English blogger extraordinaire, Geoffrey Chaucer. Well now you can show your admiration in the form of a t-shirt. Dammit, how do I choose between a t-shirt that says “I wolde I knewe how of thee I might be quitten” and one that says “Okaye, sometymes it raineth in March: make notte a chauncerye case of the whole mattere”?!

Oh, and he’s thinking of moving to the real blogosphere. Yay! Update: The new URL is here.


5 thoughts on “>Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog…AND T-SHIRTS!

  1. >Oh come on, MT, you can do better than that. Fake Middle English is even easier than real Middle English — just mentally switch the spelling to modern English.

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