>Happy Birthday

>They say it’s your birthday* — well it’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Oh hell, I’m in my late 30s. How did *that* happen?
Still in the same running age group, though, so that’s something.

Oh, and only 9 months until Christmas. Start your shopping now!

*You = Elton John and Gloria Steinem, among others.


10 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday

  1. >Thanks everyone!The Boyfriend and I tooled around the countryside in Neighboring State to look at the area where we’re fantasizing we could buy some land. It’s still a real possibility, but we discovered that some of the [Ethnic Immigrant] Hills area is seriously ticky-tacky — plastic dinosaur parks, waterslides, fake Old West towns (huh?!), and cheesy references to the Ethnic Immigrants after which the area is named. If you’ve been to the Wisconsin Dells, it’s a bit like that on a smaller scale (though there was a eerily familiar giant Paul Bunyan statue).And while we were doing all this, I started to come down with the sore throat and cold Boyfriend’s had for a week. Boo! I’m not supposed to get sick on my birthday! I’m not supposed to get sick at all — I don’t get sick!But I discovered that a screwdriver made my throat feel good enough for a nice steak dinner that night. So now you know — throat hurts too much to swallow? Have a screwdriver!

  2. >Thanks to the latecomers, too!And Bardiac, your funny comment reminds somewhat tangentially of the time a student in a survey class discussion section wrote on my eval that I “was always a century behind lecture.” Uh, that’s because when the lecturere said “mid 14th century” I wrote 1350 on the board! Doh!

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