>Ugh. I habbuh code in muh nose.

>I’m sick. I hate being sick. I rarely get sick (hence the hating it — I’m not used to it). I so rarely get sick that the cold medications in my medicine cabinet expired way back in 1999. Usually all the running I do gives me some sort of superpower resistance and when everyone around me is hacking and coughing, I’m just fine. Not this time. This time it got me, too.

Grrrrr. I’m not a happy camper.


6 thoughts on “>Ugh. I habbuh code in muh nose.

  1. >And don’t forget, when you go to the pharmacy to get antihistamines, you have to give them your first born child and let them search the basement where you and the terrorists make meth together./nod(Hope you feel better fast!)

  2. >can colds be taught through the web? (I guess it’s a virus…) I was fighting off the creeping crud for weeks and it finally got me – I shook it a couple of days ago…Feel better!

  3. >/raises handI’m on the cold-having bandwagon, too. Dammit. Probably during the very worst week of the year: when I’m trying to finish grades and my prospectus at the same time.Yep. Absolutely no self-pity going on in this corner. None at all.Here’s hoping we’re all much better soon.

  4. >OK, so my friend Perry thinks we might all just have allergies. Hmmm…But my symptoms are definitely the same as Boyfriend’s symptoms, exactly a week later, so I’m not so sure. Still, if it persists, I’m cracking out the Claritin.Oh, and now I have no voice. None whatsoever. Great. And tomorrow’s a teaching day.

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