>Friday (not so) Random 10: Boston Marathon Edition

>My brother Fast Fizzy is running the Boston Marathon on Monday, so this, my first Friday Random 10, is for him. I searched the words “run,” “move,” “speed,” and “quick,” and came up with the following list. (Actually, I also came up with Liz Phair’s “Fuck and Run,” but decided it wasn’t really appropriate to the theme. Neither is “A Quick One, While He’s Away,” but Fizzy’s a big Who fan, so I decided it was suitable for that reason.) As it turned out, a lot of it is stuff Fizzy would like — bluesy and rootsy music, classic rock, stuff from the ’70s (two from the Dazed and Confused soundtrack). Don’t know how he’d feel about the show tune and Coldplay bits, though. Only a fraction of my CD collection is ripped to my hard drive so far, so this is what I got:

1. Run, Baby, Run – Sheryl Crow
2. Run For Your Life – The Beatles
3. Fox on the Run – Sweet
4. Set Out Running – Neko Case
5. I’d Run Away – The Jayhawks
6. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
7. Move On – Jet
8. I Move On – Catherine Zeta-Jones / Renee Zellweger (Chicago sountrack)
9. Speed of Sound – Coldplay (live at Austin City Limits)
10. A Quick One, While He’s Away – The Who

Run, Fizzy, Run!!!!

(The rest of you may mock the Jet, if you will, but that stuff’s good runnin’ music.)

Update: Hey, Fizzy, if you’re reading, Karl the Grouchy Medievalist has added more songs in the comments, including some you’d probably really dig.



5 thoughts on “>Friday (not so) Random 10: Boston Marathon Edition

  1. >Hmm. Here’s a few from mine:”Run to the Hills” – Iron Maiden”Road Runner” – The Modern Lovers”The Madman Running Through the Fields” – Dantalion’s Chariot”I’ll Come Running (to tie your shoes) – Brian Eno”Turd on the Run” – Rolling Stones (okay, maybe your buddy wouldn’t want that one….)

  2. >Oh no, I think my big bro’ is *just* the person to appreciate “Turd on the Run.” He and his 12-year-old daughter have the same taste in fart jokes. (Then again, so do I — it’s why I’m a medievalist!) And sometimes *he’s* a turd on the run. (Well, he *is* my big brother — aren’t *all* big brothers turds at times?)Since I own none of those songs — thanks for the additions!

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