>Site Meter and vanity Googling

>Awesome! I just caught a major scholar Googling herself and landing on my blog. (OK, that sounded kinda naughty and I really didn’t intend that.) She did it from her own institution, which is how I know it was her. I supposed it could be her chair or one of her colleagues or students, but I’m going to assume it’s more likely her.

Anyway, I love seeing people vanity Google themselves, especially major scholars, because it tells me that even the big wigs need a little self-esteem boost every now and then.

And even better, she landed on a post with some substance, and not the one about goats, or the one about dogs, or the one about blue eyeshadow. (And no, I’m not going to link to those.)


11 thoughts on “>Site Meter and vanity Googling

  1. >It’s interesting how many scholars wonder what is being said about them on blogs and the internet. How horrifying it must be to discover the answer is typically “Nothing much.”

  2. >I use technorati, I admit it – mainly, tho, when I’ve been posting something more substantial than links and complaints so I can keep up with all of the threads of a discussion on my topic du jour. I’ve discovered great blogs that way – they’ve gotten to mine via another, and the link brought me to them.

  3. >See, this is why, when *I* Google myself (which I do with embarrassing frequency–my excuse thus far has been the job market and getting my first couple of articles in print), I never click through. I copy and paste the link into my browser.I’m not this circumspect about everything–I freely post comments on blogs when I’m using a computer at my institution, for example–but I do try not to appear overly self-absorbed.(Not that having a blog in the first place doesn’t give the lie to THAT delusion. . .)

  4. >E — yes I use Technorati for the same reason and have found cool new (at least to me) blogs that way. It’s less about me than about the blogging community. No, really!Fizzy — Um, I think you’re missing the irony and sarcasm in her words, big bro. ๐Ÿ™‚ And hey, let’s call her Fancy here — to go with Fizzy. What shall we call your spawn? How about Miss M? I need to come up with names for Eldest Neice and Nephew, too.Lecturess — but you’re blog isn’t really the you that you Google, is it. Then again, I guess our multiplication of identities online only points to our utter self-absorption — one is just not enough! ๐Ÿ™‚ And very clever Googling technique you have!

  5. >Oh, and JJC — At least in this case I said something nice (it was in the comments and regarding the usefulness of an essay for my students). Nevertheless, it made glad I’m pseudonymous.

  6. >The weirdest thing is when you Google yourself and your doppelganger shows up. For example, there’s another “Medieval Woman” (names changed to protect my secret superhero identity) who lives in Texas and is a dental hygenist!

  7. >Yeah, apparently I’m a church secretary for a UCC church (well, at least it’s a lefty church with a female pastor) and I have a line of nail polish on the side. Damn — where are my profits?

  8. >My doppleganger is a high school girl in New Jersey. Apparently she belongs to a Lutheran church, has a history class that requires her to post homework assignments on topics such as Brown vs. Board on a Blackboard-like site (and yes, I’ve read her posts) and a MySpace page in which her friends talk about their drunken adventures. Awesome.(But I take satisfaction in knowing that *I* will really be *her* doppleganger for years to come–it’s the benefit of having a rather unusual name that is nevertheless now somewhat trendy. Few people my own age have it.)

  9. >There are other good reasons than vanity to self-websearch. It’s good self-defense. Know what other people can find out about you – or at least about people who have your name and could be confused with you.

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