>Help! I want a Gmail account

>UPDATE: Done! I now have a Gmail account, thanks to Julie of No Fancy Name, the queen of all things bloggy. Would you believe “drvirago” was taken?! Who’s the imposter? Well, anyway, I am now drvirago2 [at] gmail [dot] com. Now to go change my sidebar.

This message is for those of you with a Gmail account. I want to sign up for one, too, and get rid of the sbcglobal address for Dr. Virago because in a month and a half I’m moving in with Bullock (no, he didn’t build our house, like the Bullock on the show did, but he is building me bookcases) and he has a different ISP than I. But the problem is his ISP is very, very local and identifiable, and I need a nice US-wide anonymous address for the blog. Gmail seemed perfect, but then I learned you have to have a code text-messaged to you and I don’t have a text-message capable phone. The other option, however, is to have a friend invite you to join (what is this — Friendster???).

So please, pretty please, will one of you invite me to join? Send an e-mail to drvirago[at]sbcglobal[dot]net. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “>Help! I want a Gmail account

  1. >I’m an idiot – I didn’t even think of that. D’oh! Oh heck, I’ll leave it DrVirago2 for now — fewer characters. Besides, it *is* the second e-mail address for “Dr. Virago.”

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