>Goofy stuff

>So I send a lot of e-cards from Blue Mountain (I subscribe annually) because I find they have the funniest and weirdest stuff around. And sometimes it’s kind of subversive, too, like the “Barnyard Hoedown” that sings of choosing your “partner” and shows too very clearly female cows dancing with each other.

Anyway, tonight, while searching for cards for friends’ birthdays, I discovered the “talking card” series. With these cards, you type in text and a computer program speaks whatever you’ve written (though, when I wrote “for pete’s sake” on one, it thought “sake” was the Japanese rice wine!). For some strange reason, your choices of voice type are:

  • US Male
  • US Female
  • US Female 2 (more sultry, it seems)
  • Valley Girl (WTF?)
  • English
  • Scottish (OK, that’s kinda random)
  • Sportscaster Male

For your enjoyment for the next two weeks (when the links expire) here’s a Scottish Golden Retriever (a version of which I sent to myself) and a Valley Girl Chimpanzee (which I actually sent to my friend as birthday wishes).


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