>Happy Independence Day

>So to celebrate this day of patriotic fervor, Bullock and I are going to make apple pie (and before that, we’ll grill some burgers). And then maybe we’ll watch a movie. I’ve got Brokeback Mountain from Netflix, so maybe we’ll watch that. Ya can’t get more iconically American than a Western, even a gay western. Perhaps especially a gay western.

What are you doing (or have you done) on this day of fireworks, hotdogs, and mosquitos?


4 thoughts on “>Happy Independence Day

  1. >I’m told that people who love America 1) spend money and 2) blow shit up on July 4th.We have done both — gone out for two great meals in the Yay Area (Frijtz and Senses), and detonated about $30 worth of fireworks, until the cops came and (very coolly) shut us down. “We’re not here to jack your shit, but if you’d just take your beers and head back inside….”

  2. >Worn out from a # of things, wifey and I made dinner (after convincing the deli guy that, no, we didn’t want $36 worth of buffalo mozzarella: sheesh!) and then, independently, saw a movie, the mediocre crossword doc., Wordplay. One advantage of seeing a movie on July 4th is that the theater’s almost empty (we were 2 of 7).The main satisfaction was learning that Daniel Okrent, disgraced (to my mind) ex public editor of the NY Times, is seriously OCD (he keeps a scribbly notebook–blue ballpoint–that tracks to the second his every activity to give him stats for the inevitably slowdown of age: as if amassing knowledge of his decline will arrest it).Spellbound it ain’t.

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