>100 Virago Facts in 100 Days: Day 24

>I have no idea what color to call my eyes. Seriously. They’re dark green around the outer rings, but then dark gold around the iris pupil (I actually originally meant to say “middle rings of the iris” but skipped over a whole string of words. Hate when I do that). Is that gold what they call “hazel”? And if so, then do I pick “green” or “hazel” on DMV forms and so forth? I generally go with “green” because it’s a little more predominant, but still — what the hell color are my eyes?


5 thoughts on “>100 Virago Facts in 100 Days: Day 24

  1. >We’d have to see a good photo of an iris or else an upcoming facts better tell us if you’re normal for color vision. You take us for a bunch of psychophysical naifs?

  2. >SW – Amber, yes, that’s a good word for the color around the middle of my eyes, too.MT — Ah, good to have you and your crankiness back. I missed ya!

  3. >I get people giving me quizzical looks, and asking me what color my eyes are. My answer? “I think they’re some kind of teal.”

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