>Oh f*** me, why did we *play* with our toys?

>So I kind of figured my Star Wars toys were worth diddly, since they were loose, but just out of curiosity, I started clickng around some of the collector sites on the web. And guess what I wish I hadn’t learned? Well, it seems that my blond SW Luke Skywalker, if he still had his original double telescoping light saber (which I very distinctly remember him having — I got him in the “Early Bird” pack) would still be worth quite a bit of money even loose because the telescoping light sabers are rare. (I think my white-haired Obi Wan, who is also missing his saber, *might* have once had a telescoping one, but I *know* my Luke did.) Darth Vader, alas, the only one still with his saber, has a mere single telescoping saber, otherwise he’d be worth mega-bucks, even loose. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’d find someone to *buy* Luke, with saber intact, for a lot of money, but still, that one little missing piece of cheap plastic makes me want to bang my head on the desk.


Collecting is weird and so is eBay, by the way. I was looking at what people were bidding for SW trading cards on eBay — because, yes, I have some of those, too — and people were bidding $15-20 a piece for some individual cards, but not bidding at all for complete sets where the minimum was $5. Can someone explain that to me?


6 thoughts on “>Oh f*** me, why did we *play* with our toys?

  1. >Probably because they were looking for individual cards to complete the set, so it never occured to them to look for complete sets for cheap. A smart ebayer might buy said set, and then auction off the cards individually. If one had the time…

  2. >This makes me want to go dig in my Star Wars gear and maybe pay off my credit card. This also reminds me – when I first met my husband the Dutchman, his English wasn’t nearly as good as it is now. BUT, the first night we met, we bonded over Star Wars (and beer), and more specifically, a deep abiding love for Boba Fett, who is the coolest. Ever. I still have a 4 foot long movie poster of Boba Fett in my office (he’s pictured in a hallway from the “Empire Strikes Back” Hoth Ice Base scene pointing a big gun at the camera) and it scares some of my students.

  3. >C&D — Yeah, I don’t even have time to sell my own! Or to blog, these days!Medieval Woman – Boba Fett is probably my most valuable figure because of the rather wide-spread Boba Fett-ish (heh heh) among fans. What *is* it with that dude?And Anxious Insider – wookie-halves aren’t worth that much, I hear — except for a laugh on a blog! Te-hee!

  4. >Dr. V – I will risk a freakish answer to your rhetorical question: Boba Fett has *got* to be hot under that armor! And I don’t mean temperature-wise! At least that was why I liked him…and I wanted to have the jet-pack…

  5. >If I can chime in (albeit a little late) about the Boba Fettish… when I was growing up I wanted Darth Vader to be my father and also to marry Boba Fett because of, yes, the jet pack (do you think we would have His n Hers jetpacks?), but also because Mr. Fettlicious always seemed to know what he was doing (well, except for the whole Sarlaac miscalculation), do it without bragging like Hans, without whining like Luke or, in the end, wussing out like Vader. Plus, in ESB, when he’s standing there with all the other mercenaries, he’s got kind of a “yeah, I’m a bad mofo” stance. In other words, I like to think that Sean Bean’s underneath that armor, ya know?

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