>Students (and boyfriends) say the darndest things

>Once again I’ve gone unintentionally silent for longer than I meant to. Chalk it up to the following: Bullock’s going up for tenure and the file’s due tomorrow; the university is doing “prioritization” and every department has extra weekly meetings; I’m still not done with those fraking encyclopedia articles and they’re due tomorrow; and, dammit, graduate students are freakin’ needy and being graduate advisor seems to take up more time than the one course I traded for the job.

Anyway…while helping Bullock go through his file one more time, I came upon the Best Student Evaluation Comment Ever, at least from this medievalist’s point of view. Keep in mind that Bullock teaches in a social science and the reading material for the course is primarily 20th century. OK, you ready? Here it is:

The cases are written in Old English prose, so hearing the lecture in today’s English language definitely helps me understand.

Well…at least s/he got “prose” right. And Bullock’s response (to me, that is, while I was laughing)? He said this: “I think what the student means is prose steeped in stinky cologne.”



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