>Wow, clearly I really miss you guys

>OK, I am *waaaaayyyyy* behind on my blog reading, and as you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting much. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’ve just been running out of time to fit it in lately. Things have loosened up a bit now, so I maybe I can both post more regularly and catch up with reading what y’all have had to say in the last three weeks or so. And maybe I can also actually update that creaky old blogroll of mine!

Anyway, the post title is prompted by the very *weird* dream I had last night, which involved Flavia asking me over for sidecars, Dr. Crazy giving me a stray cat she found but couldn’t keep (because her gorgeous Man Kitty just wouldn’t share her with another), and an important department meeting I needed to get to — all of which was impeded by my having set a neighbor’s pig sty on fire. (Huh?!?! WTF?!) Perhaps that last bit was a rural, midwestern, dream-world version of a Hurcelean task or something — otherwise I don’t know where the frak that came from. Oh, and btw, since I’ve never met Flavia or Dr. Crazy, I cast TV actors in their stead. Get this…Flavia was played by the English actess Liz White, from Life on Mars:

(I told you I’m obsessed with that show!) And clearly I was in a Martian kind of mood, because Dr. Crazy was played by Veronica Mars aka Kristen Bell:

Well, at least I think I got their hair colors right, or at least close. Hmmm…and you know what else this dream might mean? It might be a sign that I don’t have enough girlfriends in real life here in Rust Belt. OK, maybe I should work on that. Maybe I should join the Saturday morning running group near here or something.

Anyway, you know when you’re dreaming about blogs and bloggers, it’s time to catch up, drop in, and say hello to a few folks! So I aim to do just that. It might take me awhile before you see me commenting again (I have a *lot* of reading to do to catch up) but at least you know I’m thinking of ya. (And if you weren’t in my dream, don’t worry — my dreams are like The Love Boat: each episode has a different guest star!)


One thought on “>Wow, clearly I really miss you guys

  1. >Aww, I’d make you a sidecar any old time!And you know, I was about to say that I don’t look very much like Liz White, based on that photo (I don’t actually know the actor), but then I clicked over to a fan site and looked at a few other images–and she actually wouldn’t be half bad in the starring role in the movie of my life! (The most obvious differences: my face is less full, my lips more full, and I have a nice old ethnic nose.) I’ve had blogger dreams, too, although none with sufficiently memorable visuals. Too funny.I look forward to your return to the blogosphere. . .

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