>Finally, an updated blogroll!

>So I’ve finally updated my ancient and out of date blogroll. And in order to keep it updated, I’ve subscribed to Blogrolling, so that if I want to add something, I need only click the “Blogroll It” button I put on my browser. And if a link is old and out of date, to erase it, I need only go to my Blogroll account and delete it, without having to go into the headache of manually editing my template.

But of course, this means no more categories. That, too, is a good thing. Too many blogs fell into multiple categories (Bitch Ph.D. — academic blog? feminist blog?) and I didn’t have a “multi-topic” category (though I supposed I could have). So now they’re simply alphabetical — though Blogrolling annoyingly doesn’t ignore “the,” “a,” or “an.” I may move the various carnivals out of the blogroll, since they’re homesites, but other than that, I’m pretty pleased.

If I’ve forgotten anyone — epsecially if you regularly read and/or comment here and have a blog — please let me know!


9 thoughts on “>Finally, an updated blogroll!

  1. >It was totally easy. Once you’ve signed up, and once you drag the “blogroll it” button to your browser, then all you have to do is go to all the blogs you read and hit the button and click a “submit” or “complete” button (or some such thing)in the pop-up window. And to display your blogroll on your blog, you just enter the code in your template where you would normally enter all the blogs by hand.As for seeing who’s updated…mine doesn’t seem to be working yet. Wah! Maybe that’s because I set the time span to 48 hours (as in: if it has updated in the last 48 hours, consider it “new”). Maybe if I go set the time for something shorter it will work. Need to play around with that. Once it does work, this is what’s supposed to show up at the end of blog’s link: <–Quod S/He. You get to make up your own, which is cool. I've always liked the things people came up with to fit their blogs.

  2. >I’m not sure I’ve ever commented, but I’ve been reading your LJ feed for a few months now and this seemed like the right moment to own up. Can I just say, I ADORED your traffic-issues teaching moment from a couple of weeks ago? So, yeah, hi!

  3. >I love blogrolling and waste many happy hours fiddling with mine.I actually have three blogrolls under one name so that when I “blogroll it” I can assign the link to the category that works for me…. It’s also really easy, though perhaps a bit time- consuming, to move your links around.

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