>I got bupkis

>I know I promised to get back to substantial posting and I really want to live up to that promise, but I’ve got blogger’s block. In lieu of real substance, I offer you a moment in the life of Dr. Virago and Bullock (who is also a Dr., btw, in case you didn’t know that).

[Setting: a really comfy, tomato red couch facing a ridiculously large TV. A man and a woman sit on the couch, mesmerized by a local television commercial with embarrassingly poor production quality and an annoying, repetitive catch-phrase. (Seriously, I don’t remember local TV commercials this bad since about the 1970s.)]

Dr. Virago: Wow. That was incredibly annoying.

Bullock: Yeah, that was so annoying it made me want to vote Republican.

Dr. V: Huh?

Bullock: You know, like the annoying robocalls.

Dr. V: Huh? But I thought those were by Republicans.

Bullock: They were. And they may have made a difference in about 7 races.

Dr. V: But wait. Why would the commercial make you vote Republican? Why did the robocalls work? I don’t get it.

Bullock (sighing patiently at Virago’s wonk-less-ness): The annoying robocalls seemed to be from Democrats. They posed as pro-Democrat calls and called Democratic households.

Dr. V: I know, but why would they make you want to vote for the Republicans who made them?

Bullock (continuing with utmost patience): Because, people would hang up on them, as usual, but they were programmed to keep calling back. And they were programmed to call at dinner time, during local sporting events, and even in the middle of the night.

Dr. V: Go on.

Bullock: And if you didn’t listen all the way through — and most people didn’t — you thought they were from Democrats…

Dr. V: Oh, I get it. So people got so annoyed at all the calls from “Democrats,” they voted for Republicans out of spite.

Bullock: Exactly.

Dr. V: So this commercial is so annoying, like the robocalls, it’s making even you, a Democrat, want to vote for Republicans.

Bullock: Yes — now you get it!

Dr. V: Wow, honey, that’s a really obscure joke.

Bullock: But see how brilliantly it comes together once you get all the pieces?

Dr. V: But honey, it took me an 8-step process and I have a Ph.D.!

Bullock: Do you think this is why my students don’t laugh at my jokes?

3 thoughts on “>I got bupkis

  1. >Ha! I didn’t think you got it right away — after all, it’s a little oblique even if you *do* follow all the references.As for the Colbert Report (which, btw, keeps getting more and more genius-like — I didn’t think he could keep it up, but man, has he!) that’s my students, too — if it hasn’t been on the Daily Show or Colbert, they don’t know about it.

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