>On a lighter, happier, livelier note…

>I’ve got a production schedule for my book, at last! Woo-hoo! And it has a June 2007 publication date, so even if it’s not completely ready for K’zoo, it will at least be there in proofs and ready for pre-order.

And I just got proofs back for one of the articles that are currently “forthcoming.” So that’s moving forward, too.

Just didn’t want to leave for the holidays with the somewhat dark “speaking for the dead” post on top.

On that note, Bullock and I are leaving tomorrow for a trip to visit Virgo Sis in her natural habitat. Fast Fizzy and the Fizzy family will be there, too. (Dad will be staying in Cowtown, but Eldest Niece will be spending Turkey Day with him, so he won’t be alone.)

And when we get back, Bullock and I have to get the house ready for a visit from the Pastry Pirate and her dog, Wiley, whom we will be fostering for 16 weeks while the Pirate is doing piratical things to pastry in Vegas, baby.

So you won’t see any new posts for a few days. And in the future there may be dog stories every now and then. Consider yourselves warned.


7 thoughts on “>On a lighter, happier, livelier note…

  1. >You’re fostering the dog for 16 weeks? Did I read that right? That’s like, almost a year (on Mercury, anyway)! Well, have fun! You know that you’re going to come out of this needing a dog of your own, right? And trust me, you’ll want to go with a border collie. They’re incredibly demanding, but any other breed is like having a friggin’ guinea pig! You’ll find out soon enough. Oh, when you get to K’zoo, pick up a snow globe for me. Seriously, I collect them (don’t laugh…Corbin Bernsen is a snow globe collector, and who would laugh at him?)! I’ll give you my address so you’ll know where to send it. I’m serious, I know where you live, you’d better get me a snow globe!!!Good Lord, I miss the Pastry Pirate!GSORJ!!!

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