>Friday Dog (and Squirrel) Blogging

>Wiley, where’s the squirrel?! Find the squirrel!

Is it over there…? Nooooo…

Around there? Noooo….

Ooh, maybe up there? Not quite….

Or how about up here? Getting warmer…..

HERE it is…

(Look at the center of the knot in the tree, and you’ll see its little head peeking out. Click on the picture and magnify if necessary.)


5 thoughts on “>Friday Dog (and Squirrel) Blogging

  1. >Ahhh, dogs and squirrels… I remember when Sara actually caught one of these rascals on our college campus… can I say itiotic squirrels who have no sense of a flight gene… too many undergrads feeding them… the one Sara caught just stared at her as she came charging down the lawn… Sigh, I think that episode was more traumatic for me.

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