>*This* close to outing myself…

>…so I can show off my book cover to y’all. For those of you who know my real name, it’s on Amazon so you can see it there. (It’s the third hit down if you search my first name and last name and narrow to “books” category. Apparently I also wrote a novel in the 1950s, I think, and I don’t know what that second hit is there for.)

So the cover illustration isn’t *exactly* what I write on — it’s of something later and, I think, continental, but it’s pretty close. It hits a lot of the right marks. And I dig the way the title and my name look. Plus, as a bonus, the color pretty closely matches my office walls at school! How did they know?! 🙂

And can I just say — woo hoo! I’m on Amazon!

But, um, dear Amazon folks, my book is not a history book. It’s histori*cal* (or rather, historicist — of the newish variety) but not history. And it’s certainly not sociology! Wtf?


21 thoughts on “>*This* close to outing myself…

  1. >Eeeeee, Out Thyself!! I’m dying to know the book cover. Either way, wow, congrats. I can’t imagine how cool it must be to have your book on Amazon. Dr. V. you Rock!

  2. >I think I found it – it’s gorgeous! Did you get to choose the color? I like that especially. What’s it feel like to see your name. Do you have a copy yet? You’d better have a HUGE party for the book, and celebrate outrageously, when the book comes out.

  3. >DAMN, that’s a beautiful cover!And I had no idea that you worked on that other part of what you work on (the first word in your title)–I’m going to have to mention your book to GWB.Congrats, Dr. V!

  4. >Flavia – Good to hear I conceal or at least confuse people about my research interests on the blog! 🙂 Actually, I also jump around a lot. Many people who work on that first word in my title *stay* working on it for their entire careers, but I’m more like my diss advisor (at least in terms of moving around subjects). I think what connects my interests, though, is that I spend much more time thinking about audience and readers and reception than about authors and sources. (Hm, there’s a whole post in that thought…)To all- thansk for the congrats and glad you all think it looks good! Put your pre-orders in now! Te-hee!Oh, and Ancrene Wiseass: is that Middle English? 😉

  5. >I’ll be putting in my pre-order at the Zoo, Dr. V. Gotta get that conference discount!I realize this won’t help your Amazon sales rank, but buying scholarly monographs in hardcover on Amazon . . . not so cost-effective.

  6. >S-C — OK, so did you figure out who I am from clues here and perhaps on your Sitemeter stats (easy enough to do — others have), or do we know each other in real life? If it’s the latter, drop me an e-mail and say hi! 🙂

  7. >I think AW’s r0x0rs must be loosely translated as “Dude, that rocks!” Heheh. AW – don’t go all modern on us just because you’re on “blogging leave” :PDr.V – putting in pre-order after next paycheck. Can’t wait to read it.

  8. >Congratulations!I think AW’s comment was an allusion to the Franklin’s Tale, and the need to get past, or temporarily hide, the rocks; successfully doing so means you are “teh r0x0rs.” And, of course, “teh” is a rare spelling convention used by those who had a hard time with the “th” sound and so favored the “t” sound. It clarifies the lack of vocalization in their pronunciation, at any rate, and so is a major help in teaching students to read ME.But yeah, good work making it past the rocks and shoals and scary stuff!!!

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