>Love me please

>As seen at Dr Crazy’s

My Valentinr - drvirago
Get your own valentinr

Yes, I know begging for Valentines isn’t attractive. But send me one anyway so I don’t have that embarrassing 0 there anymore. And then sign up and post one on *your* blog and I’ll send you one! See, it’s all about *sharing* the love.


5 thoughts on “>Love me please

  1. >OK, valentinr is too much for your old sis, even tho’ I am not a total technophobe. But it is market week and I am crazed so I will publicly proclaim via your own blog, Happy Valentine’s Day Little Sis.Love,Virgo Sis

  2. >Sis — Thank you!Constructivist — Yeah, you’re right. I just like widgets, really. But thanks for thinking of me in the belly of the beast. Oh, and btw, I just realized that you’re also the Citizen of Somewhere Else. Yeah, I’m a little slow.

  3. >Ugghh… Valentine’s Day, who needs it?Speaking of which, I’m off in a few minutes to deliver truffles to the girl. Not just any truffles, mind you, but home-made infused truffles (four kinds: chipotle-cinnamon, rose tea, ginger-clove and basil)!I miss the Pirate…T

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