>Update on London travel plans – lodging

>First of all, thanks to everyone who provide helpful suggestions regarading London accommodations in this comment-thread and by e-mail. Following all of your suggestions, I considered and contacted Hughes Parry Hall of the University of London, Alexander Fleming Hall at the University of Westminster, Campbell House of University College London, and the student rooms of Goodenough College. (By the way, I know Goodenough College is named after a person, but that name just cracks me up. No offense meant to the good people of the college — I’m just easily amused. Someone please tell me it’s pronounced ‘good-no’ of ‘good-noff’ or something like that.)

Anyway, in the end I chose Goodenough. (If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. OK, I’ll stop now.) Seriously, two recommendations from my readers helped, as did the fact that it’s a post-graduate college that caters to people on research or sabbatical trips. It just seemed more grown-up. Plus, you can eat in the subsidized dining halls without locking yourself in to a dining plan (as some of the othere places required) and there’s supposed to be a fridge in my room and a shared and equiped kitchen, so I can eat cheaply at ‘home’ if I like. There’s also network and wifi access galore, and the location can’t be beat for me, because it’s in between the numerous archives and libraries I’ll be using, either walking distance or a quick tube ride.

And the price isn’t bad since I was offered the student rate as long as I have a letter from my institution saying I’m there to do research. (I guess the visiting academic rate is for those who are being paidto visit. I did identify myself as a professor in my e-mail.) It will still be a chunk of change — 40 pounds per night when VAT and other taxes are added — and I have to pay for the entire 28-day stay in advance (!), but it’s cheap by London standards in general, and I’ll have a desk at which to work when I’m not in the library. I have no idea what the rooms look like, but I’m sure they’re like other modern English student rooms I’ve seen — usually slightly nicer than American ones, but student rooms nevertheless — but the pictures of the college itself show it to be quite lovely. And right in the heart of London!


14 thoughts on “>Update on London travel plans – lodging

  1. >I lived at Goodenough for a year when I was ten. We still get the alumni newsletter, although I’ve always felt inappropriate going along to the events since I’m not sure if I count as a member. I wasn’t the one who applied for us to live there then!Anyways, it’s a very convenient location and a very good community. There’s an in house orchestra, they put on a few plays a year, celebrate all the year’s major holidays from around the world, and generally a good bunch. It’s been several years since I’ve last stayed there, so no idea if you’re more likely to get a room which hasn’t been refurbished much since the 70s or something more modernized. All the basic services and basic quality you should require, anyways.

  2. >Sounds like a fab summer arrangement! I’m in the process of planning a week’s trip to archives in Austin, TX, which I’m sure is a nice enough place (as opposed to a “good enough” place — tee hee) but just doesn’t sound as exciting as a month in London.

  3. >Hi Shana! I think the spirit of Goodenough (as it strikes me from their web pages) means you’re part of their extended family. As for whether the room is updated or not — they promise broadband access in every room, so they’ve at least updated *that*. If the rest is 70s funk, I can handle that. :)WN — Hey, I think Austin would be a cool place to visit (though not temperature wise!). I’ve never been and I’d love to go for fun some time, epsecially for its music or film scene. And I bet it’s cheaper than London, with better Mexican food, too! πŸ™‚

  4. >Goodenough is pronounced “good enough,” as it would be. It’s more than good enough. It’s fantastic. Mecklenburgh square is lovely, and the London House dining hall provides cheap and decent meals, especially breakfast. I stayed in London House for a year while writing my dissertation, back at the beginning of the process in 2001. It’s a tremendous place, and ultra-convenient.

  5. >pronounced “good enough,” as it would be.Given the variety of -ough pronunciations in English, I wasn’t entirely sure! πŸ™‚ But good to know — don’t want to be the stupid American when I arrive. Thanks!It’s more than good enough. It’s fantastic.Maybe you should offer your services to them as a marketer? Te-hee!

  6. >Goodenough worked well for me, my last extended solo trip though I haven’t been back for a long stretch since the BL and PRO both were moved. About the only really pressing advice I can give is not to leave any food out of the fridge (whether or not it needs refrigeration). You don’t want to attract any creepy crawly critters!

  7. >Yay! I’m glad you’re staying there – and I count myself among all the great folks who recommended it (wink!) πŸ™‚ It’s so close to everything AND, at least when I was there about 3-4 years ago, there was a helluva good Italian restaurant on Lamb’s Conduit Road, which is just a stone’s throw from the GEC.At least, it’s a “good enough” restaurant…(chortle) Shit, now I wish I was going to London this summer…

  8. >What a surprise to see Goodenough the focus of attention. I am responsible for all visitor accommodation which includes Club 4* accommodation as well as the student rooms in the summer. What no one has mentioned is the haven of our 2 acres of garden right in the heart of London and it’s wi-fied too!Frederick Goodenough was the Chairman of Barclays Bank in the 1930 and he and some friends established a Trust to foster international tolerance and understanding. As valid today as it was then.You’ve made a great choice and I look forward to meeting you in the summer! NV

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