>Endurance editing

>It’s a good thing I’m marathoner, used to pushing through exhaustion to get through that last stretch of miles, because that’s how I feel about correcting my book proofs and writing my index. It’s like I’ve got 3 miles left to go and it’s all I can do to keep one foot moving in front of the other, or in this case, not to get all glassy-eyed.

  • Miles 1-23 = Correcting the proofs and drafting the index — DONE!
  • Miles 24-26.2 = Editing, polishing, and formatting the index — still chugging along.

Of course, a marathon only takes me 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 hours (depending on how well I’ve trained). I’ve been working on the damn book stuff for about a total of 50 hours now over the course of the last 7 days. And my back and legs are just about as sore as after a marathon as a result. (Or maybe that’s the result of my 20-mile training run yesterday. Who can tell at this point?)

I’ve got until Friday to finish up, but I’ve also got teaching — oh yeah, that! — grading (sigh), and grad director stuff galore this week. So send me some virtual “You can do it!” and “Almost there!” and “Looking great!”* cheers this week. And be patient with me if blogging is light for about the next week.

*Yes, people really call this last one out to marathoners in the last few miles and it never sounds sincere. In a good race it makes me laugh [ETA: because I wouldn’t call dried sweat-salt on my face, visible chafing, and a plodding run “looking great”]. If I’m having a bad race, it makes me want to punch whoever is saying it. [ETA: But I wouldn’t do that, of course. I know they mean well, even if I look like crap and feel miserable. Though it would be funny if someone shouted, “You look like hell but hey, you’ve just run 23 miles!” Te-hee.]


12 thoughts on “>Endurance editing

  1. >Umm, so should we encourage you, or will you come punch us if we say anything encouraging? You could consider that it’s nicer to shout encouraging-if-cheesy things to marathoners than letting rabid dogs out after them, even though the latter might be more motivational to one’s speed. So anyway, have a virtual cup of water! I’m holding the pooch in reserve right now.

  2. >Sorry Sisyphus, the desire to punch the cheering folks was supposed to say more about my piss-poor mental (and physical) state in a bad race than about the cheering folks themselves. They certainly *mean* well and don’t at all deserve my glowering thoughts.And yes, much better than rabid dogs. Although I would laugh heartily and run faster, perhaps, if someone held a sign that says, “Sure, you feel like crap now, but just think about crossing the finish line!”

  3. >That’s the spirit, Medieval Woman! 🙂 (Seriously, I *do* look like hell. Good thing there’s teaching tomorrow to make me shower and look presentable!)

  4. >”Sure, you feel like crap now, but just think about crossing the finish line!”Someone should follow behind all ABDs in the throes of dissertating with a big sign that states this!

  5. >Sisyphus – Ha! Yes! In fact, when I ran the 2000 LA Marathon, Honda, the major sponsor, had an ad on the back of the race program that said something along the lines of “It’s like getting a Ph.D….” I have to say, I agreed! I almost framed that ad copy with my finisher’s picture and medal!

  6. >This is all just so-damn-cool!!! Academic life is like a marathon. Or maybe I hope it isn’t. I’ve never been able to make it more than 10k. Does that mean I’ll get turned down at my 3rd-year pre-tenure review? I’m more like a spectator than an athlete (sad to say–although I’m not SO overweight. Just a bit. Too many doritos late night as I’m sipping my single malt). And rather than horses (a bit too hoity-toity for me) I prefer the Greyhounds. I love having a dog in the race–I can even kind of identify, even if I don’t have that much money placed on any single contest!That’s a bit off topic. But I really commend you for all your efforts, and for sharing the “thrill of victory.” Let’s hope there’s no “agony of defeat” for you–ever–in your career.

  7. >That is exciting! You are Prometheus on the rock, pained, mocked by proofs and formatting. Yet you brow ahead, fighting undaunted against the last hold-out of vicious and unforgiving text. You are the final arrows at Crecy, Quod She – Fight on! Fight on!

  8. >Oh, and take no notice that Berube is back blogging at Pandagon and Crooked Timber on the weekends and the WAAGNFNP is coming until after you’ve finished….

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