>Attention! Important Announcements! Read This NOW!

>OK, now that I have your attention…

First, sorry for the silence. Chatter will resume shortly.

In the meantime, here are the Very Important Announcements:

  • The Pastry Pirate is blogging again! All hail the Pastry Pirate! And note that she’s got a new URL.
  • If you don’t regularly read In the Middle, or, if you’re like me and fall way behind on blog reading at regular intervals, then you may have missed this announcement about a Very Special Episode of In the Middle planned for April. You know, April, with his shoures soote… when longen folk to find out the secret identities of very popular and funny psuedonymous bloggers. I have a theory and evidence to go with it. I think I’m right. I should put some money on this. UPDATE: OK, I was doing some “wishful reading” here. GC is not revealing his secret identity. However, the writer behind GC’s blogging persona is going to write in his 21st century guise, albeit anonymously. Still worth watching for (or adding In the Middle to your RSS feed so you don’t miss it).

Substantive blogging will return shortly, probably with a post about what to do with that student who always derails discussion.

6 thoughts on “>Attention! Important Announcements! Read This NOW!

  1. >Alas, I have been unable to convince the Chaucer author to decloak … the post will be anonymous. But it will be the REAL author, not the persona, speaking about the pleasures and surprises of the Chaucer blog. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. >Darn! Clearly I was doing some “wishful reading” there. I was wondering why he’d choose to “come out” — the illusion is so much better when you don’t know the “secret.”I’ll e-mail you re: my theories.

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