>Oh spite! Oh hell!

>UPDATE: Make that wind gusts up to 50 mph and a wind-chill that makes it feel like 25-30 degrees. Oh, and did I mention I’m still getting over a bad cold?

So some of you may recall that I’m running the Boston Marathon for the first time on Monday. You may also know that I’ve had a busy semester and have only managed to squeeze in a beginner-level training plan and won’t be setting any personal records (PRs) there. And many of you may know that Boston is a difficult marathon in the best of circumstances, so even if I were super-duper trained with speed and hill work as well as extra long runs, I might not come out with a PR.

As if all that weren’t bad enough…have you checked the weather forecast for Boston on Monday? High temperature: 43 degrees. 70% chance of heavy rain. And winds — my god, the winds — from the East with predicted speeds up to 23 mph. And guess what general direction the point-to-point course runs? Yup, that’s right — East. (Well, OK, mostly NE, but still.)

Fuck. I’ll be lucky to freakin’ finish. My PR, the one that got me in this race, is 3:43. I’ll be happy with 4:30 in this one, I swear.


12 thoughts on “>Oh spite! Oh hell!

  1. >I’ll be there to cheer on one or two others — I’ll put your nom de plume on my poster (though it might be all runny and hard to read with all the rain).

  2. >Thanks everyone! And New Kid, you’re kinda weird! 😉 But yeah, I guess if you’re from MA, ya gotta love a good nor’easter.Kate – I am *so* psyched to look for that sign. I swear, it’s going to keep me running through the race. And even if you get some sense and come in from the rain, and I never see it, just the thought of “Dr. Virago” on a sign cracks me up!

  3. >I just checked the forecast. The rain quits, the wind dies down and the sun peeks out right after the second wave gun goes off. Count on it ya big sissy.Oh, and good luck in case I’m wrrroooonnnggg.

  4. >So I totally should have emailed you to set this up a bit better, but I had the sign up at mile 16. Was that you waving? I was a little cold and out of it so I didn’t respond in time (that was my husband holding it, my sister was the blonde and then me all standing in a row).I’ll post a pic on my blog eventually, but you rock Dr. V!

  5. >Kate,Darn, I missed you (nope, not me waving — unless I was waving at the cameras for the DVD)! And at mile 16 I think I still had enough wits about me to keep an eye out, but I still missed it. After that, as we started hitting the hills leading up to Heartbreak Hill, I got kind of out of it, and by the end there were SO. MANY. PEOPLE! God, how could anyone pick out anyone in those crowds. And so loud! I think I made it through miles 22 to the end on the sound waves of the crowds!Let me know if you put up a picture on your blog (or just e-mail it to me). I’d love that!And thanks for being out there for your friends, for me, and for all the runners. The crowds at Boston are the best EVER.

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