>More K’zoo blogger meet-up business

>UPDATE: Moving this to the top AGAIN so everyone sees it. The operative question is still where? — though some good suggestions have been made in the comments. Also, some people are rallying have rallied for a dorm breakfast, and I think I have a plan that might make that work for those folks who don’t know what any of the rest of us folks look like. BUT, some people who are protective of their anonymity might be uncomfortable in that setting. (Don’t let me speak for you — I’m just guessing here.) And again, see the new suggestion at the end of the comments (made by Deeni and seconded by Tiruncula) and let me know if that works for you. So other proposals/ideas are still welcome. Also, some of the usual suspects haven’t said anything — perhaps you’re not going this year?

OK, in the last post, the vast majority of you said you could make a Friday breakfast. (Apologies to The Swain, but it seems there’s never a good time for everyone. And since my maternal grandmother was a Swain, I feel especially bad.) Some of you have 10 am sessions to chair, speak at, and attend (silly people!), but no one seems to mind missing out on the plenary. (Side note: I usually go for a run during the plenaries, but the one time I went to one I fell asleep!)

Last year, having a longish, drop in when you want meet-up seemed to work, so we could do something from 8:00 to 9:30, giving enough time for everyone to get where they need to be by 10. Or if you crazy people are *really* morning people, we could start at 7:30.

What say you all?

Next issue on the agenda: where????? Does anyone know if the University Roadhouse opens for breakfast? And if not, is there any other breakfast place within walking distance for those on campus without cars? If that’s not the case, we may have to arrange caravans. I’ll have my car.

I briefly thought that if we started at 7:30 we could meet at the dorm breakfast, but then I thought, “How on earth would we find each other in that crowd???” I can see it now: “Excuse me, are you a blogger? No? What about you folks? No?…”

So, any ideas?


25 thoughts on “>More K’zoo blogger meet-up business

  1. >Isn’t there a coffee shop on campus? Maybe that would make a good meeting spot. I will miss being able to ‘kick back’ with a drink, like we could at the evening meetup last year. If anyone was intersted maybe some could meet up for a evening get together.

  2. >I can’t remember myself what’s on campus and open during the conference. Anyone else?And we can certainly plan additional ad-hoc get-togethers if people are willing and available.

  3. >I’m not sure about a coffee shop (we need Lisa’s input!), but there is fast food in one of the buildings, the one with the computer lab, I think (not a lovely option, granted). I will say that I’ve never had problems finding people/space in the dining hall at breakfast, it’s much emptier than at lunch. But I can also caravan people for off-campus stuff, if needed.

  4. >I’m already signed up for dorm breakfast, so I guess I’ll second that (and also the “much emptier at breakfast” comment). But if folks want to go with the coffeehouse/other option, I can do that too. Though no car here, so I’d be mooching transport…

  5. >Maggie’s is near the intersection of S. Howard and W. Michigan, across the street from Bilbo’s and where the late lamented Burritos As Big As Your Head used to be. It’s the traditional Kzoo breakfast spot. Pros: excellent, diner-style breakfasts. Cons: small and tends towards crowded. At 7:30 on Friday, we probably wouldn’t have to wait, but I’m not sure how many could fit at one table and there’s a serious danger of having someone you know sitting five inches behind you. So maybe I withdraw my suggestion as incompatible with anonymity – depending on what others think.

  6. >Friday morning works great for me – whatever time and place, I’ll be there – I’ll also have a car for shuttling!Dr. V – I hope the marathon went well – we were stuck driving home in that weather for 11 hours – I hope you *rocked* that baby!

  7. >Oh, that’s right – I totally forgot about the new coffee bar with the weird squashy cylindrical benches. Maybe that would be the best place to meet and acquire coffee and then we could adjourn to a nearby lounge to hang out if that space is too crowded. Anybody remember what time the coffee bar opens?

  8. >Thanks, Tiruncula, you beat me to it! I think that would be a great place to start, at least. I imagine many people won’t come right at 7:30, but if after an hour our group grows to large, I think we could safely move to a nearby lounge without losing anyone.Let’s keep this in mind. But if anyone has any other ideas, the floor is still open.

  9. >Don’t worry, ADM, I’ll be there with room in the car! (Note to self: make rental car reservation!!) Although I may have to fortify myself with real breakfast beforehand, because while it sounds like a great meeting place, assorted pastries just doesn’t cut it for me for breakfast. πŸ˜‰

  10. >The nice thing about the dorm for breakfast, especially soon after they open, is there are usually so few people there that being seen should not be much of a problem. πŸ˜‰ I can be wherever (and I will also have a vehicle), I just need to arrange for staffing to cover my escape.

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