>Readers’ choice!

>Bullock and I are going away for the weekend for a wedding-related shindig (not actually the wedding itself, since that’s in New Zealand), and when I get back I intend to blog something substantive. The question is — what?

Which would you rather read about: whether or not my students’ research papers from the spring were a success and how/why I taught the research process in an undergrad class? What I’m planning on doing in my graduate research methods class this fall?
A post-conference meditation on what it means to finally feel “grown up” in the profession? A post-conference meditation on the mortality of my mentors? Or my fears about looking like a fool and not knowing what I’m doing on my upcoming research trip to the UK?

Or would you rather read something breezy and summer-light — for instance, my newest dog breed obsession? Or how Bullock has transformed his look into a NASA scientist ca. 1975 and why I dig it? Or why I like “The Starter Wife” and have given up on “Hex”? Or how I may break down and get an all-regions DVD player to watch the second seaons of “Life on Mars,” now that it’s out on DVD in the UK? (Uh, I guess that’s it for that last category!)


9 thoughts on “>Readers’ choice!

  1. >I’m working on changing up my own research methods class, so that’s what I’d like to hear about!(Or could I talk you into sharing a syllabus?)

  2. >All of it! But I’m especially interested in your research papers (as I am now grading — or not grading, actually — things).But dog breeds also sound good — could you have a post on research papers on dog breeds?

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