>I can has medieval house?

It’s medieval, it’s in a town called Battle for pete’s sake, and it’s only £375,000. (Well hey, it’s a lot cheaper than the Victorian town house next to the Dickens House in Bloomsbury that’s selling for 4 million!) Please, please, can I have it? It’s really cool — look at its listing and check out the pictures.

Update: I can has church? Well, it’s not medieval, but it’s a church! With a spire with rooms in it! OK, in the fantasy world where I can actually afford these things, and where I have a job in freakin’ Battle, England, should I live in a medieval town house or a early 20th century converted Methodist church. Hm. And don’t forget the needs of Bullock (the church has more space for the workshop, I think) and our imaginary children. What a quandary!

PS — In case you were wondering, yes, I was at Battle Abbey today, and walked the grounds of the Battle of Hastings. I saw the house above and snapped that picture, then ended up on the real estate agent’s webpage. I wasn’t actually *looking* for real estate in Battle, despite the fact that I have a last name with Norman origins.

4 thoughts on “>I can has medieval house?

  1. >Oh, I’m jealous! I love the little town of Battle – did you go into the crickety slanted little pub across from the Abbey? I ate a very butter-laden sandwich there once. And the house is beautiful as well – why don’t we get some medievalists together and buy it – then we could each stay in it for a month or two a year!And your last name has Norman origins? Wouldn’t have thought of that…:)

  2. >ooh! i love love love battle. i will admit that i rolled around on the battlegrounds when i toured them. mmm, all that saxon violence.i love the house and the church. i think battle needs a hip patisserie/reading room/lard rendering shoppe, don’t you? let’s pool our resources and buy it! i can kick in, uhm, like .001% of the price…soooooo jealous you’re there!(oh, and the uk did away with its dog quarantine years ago, so deputy dog can come, too!)

  3. >OK, it is going to have to become the mother house for our commune as I have to come, too! After seeing Sicko yesterday my urge to move to Europe is even greater than usual. I’ll babysit the imaginary children and help the Pastry Pirate make chocolates (I can temper!)

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