>This job is painful

>I nearly cried out “Fuck! Ow!” in Private Archives #2* today when I smashed my pinky finger. I smashed it good and hard, because it *still* hurts a little to type with it, and it was awhile before I could calm down and get back to skimming archival material for the couple of names I’m there to try and find. (*No, I haven’t mentioned Private Archives #1, but I will in another post.)

And how exactly did I smash the said finger? (FYI, I love saying “the said x” — it’s all over these documents.) I’m not sure. I think I just smacked it against the box that the big fat, heavy manuscript came in. Or perhaps I caught it between the big fat heavy manuscript and the box, since I was lifting the manuscript at the time. Whatever I did, it hurt like hell.

Yeah, they really shouldn’t let klutzes into archives. This is the first time I hurt myself, but the other day, at Fancy University Manuscript Room, while looking at one of their “select” manuscripts, I decided I needed to smell it. I have no idea why. I’m weird. But when I bent down to do so, I nearly got lipstick on it!

In unrelated news, in my first week here I discovered a bookstore near me that sells really cheap, but not used, paperbacks. I keep buying Ed McBain police procedurals for £1.99. And can I just tell you: I *love* Ed McBain. Love, love, LOVE him. I don’t know why I hadn’t read him before, given my affection for more contemporary hard boiled detective fiction and police procedurals, but I hadn’t. And it somehow seems weirdly wonderful to discover such an American hard boiled writer in England, birthplace of the “golden age” of the ‘softer’ variety of mysteries (Agatha Christie, et al.).

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