>Celebrity sightings in London

>JJC not only saw, but sat next to Jude Law while dining at the cafe at Salisbury Cathedral. (The proof is in this post, ninth picture down — though don’t be in too much of a rush to see Jude or you’ll miss the best cute kid pictures ever. Jude is behind the man with the unnerving stare.) OK, that’s not London, I know, but the Cohen clan was based in London. But read on…

I, on the other hand, jogged past and locked eyes with Viggo Mortensen. But alas, I don’t have proof. It happened somewhere between the Tower of London and Paul’s Walk on my way back on this route on Saturday (between miles 5 and 6, going west — he was going east).

At least I *think* it was Viggo. The guy was the right height (i.e., not at all tall), and it really looked like his face. That bone structure and cleft chin are pretty remarkable. But if it was him, he’s dyed his hair dark and is bulking up for some role (or for himself) — hey, if Brad Pitt can do it, Viggo can, too.

Then again, I get a little loopy when I run.

ETA: Says Bullock: “It might not have been him though, there must be lots of Danes running around London and their gene pool really isn’t all that large so they probably all look alike.” Te-hee! Maybe what I saw was a Viking who’d just sailed up the Thames. Anyway, Bullock’s a Swede (well, Swedish-American), so his comment is even funnier in a intra-Scandinavian grudge-match context.

Update: It wasn’t Viggo, just his evil twin (because the evil twin is always the one with the dark hair). I have it on the good word of Viggo’s personal secretary biggest fan (see comments here and here) that he’s on holiday in Denmark and his usual blond dreaminess.

One of these days, btw, I do mean to get back to serious blogging, including finally doing that Thinking Blog meme that Bardiac tagged me for (thanks Bardiac!).

9 thoughts on “>Celebrity sightings in London

  1. >Hee! And I thought JJC had won the celeb-sighting stakes for the summer. (Though he does have photographic evidence.) Bullock is just hoping you didn’t really lock eyes with Viggo 🙂

  2. >I knew you would appreciate the stare. I have a few other photos of Jude, taken as I pretended to snap pics of my family. Most of them make it obvious that he talks with food in his mouth and that he yells at his daughter quite a bit.

  3. >Hi,I´m sure the man you saw in London wasn´t Viggo Mortensen, since he currently is in Denmark enjoying his holidays. Last Friday night he attended an Alatriste screening in Ringsted and he said he wants to spend some time with the family of his (danish) father (as he does every year). Besides his hair was as blond as ever in the live interview broadcasted by Danish TV.Best wishes, a Viggo fan

  4. >Wow, a comment from Viggo’s personal secretary! :)OK, so the man I saw was a Viggo impersonator — maybe the guy who plays Aragorn in the “LOTR Experience” show.Jeffrey, you win the “medievalist spots a celebrity” contest, even if Jude the Rude sounds not so nice.

  5. >YES, give me the job, PLEASE! I´ve been working as a secretary for almost 26 years so I´m really VERY good at typing!!! AND making coffee, that goes without saying. Viggo appeared in Toronto July 17 at the Toronto International Film Festival press conference (how boring they are, those holidays **giggle**) and his hair is still so blond…..You really SHOULD go hunting for that lookalike nevertheless. Imagine he´s worth it and you didn´t try!

  6. >I saw Travolta in Harrod’s this spring, but alas, don’t have pics. My students were impressed, but alas, I can prove nothing. And he’s niether Jude Law nor Viggo (though he may trump a Viggo impersonator).

  7. >Hey, does anyone know how many days Viggo stayed in Toronto at the TIFF press conference a couple of weeks ago? I am 100% sure that I saw him the next day (18 July) all by himself walking through the city!?!?! Anyone?

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