>Return to Rust Belt

>I’m back in Rust Belt, where the sky’s a “windjammer blue” (well, it would be if it were a paint color), there’s a lovely breeze rustling the trees, the birds are a-twitter, and the temperature is a perfect 72.5 degrees. Bullock’s mowing the lawn and I’m catching up on mail. It’s good to be home.

But despite the change in location, look for retrospective London posts to come.

FYI, if you called or texted me on my UK number after 9 a.m. GMT, I didn’t get it.


4 thoughts on “>Return to Rust Belt

  1. >Oh. My. God. Everyone in that article came off as an ass — both the “stop thinking so much” anti-intellectuals (who sound like they’re aping not so much Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as the end of the article suggested, but rather George W. Bush) and the intellectuals.Though I do have to admit that while I get some thinking done in the first few miles of a run, I get kind of dopey after that. So maybe they have a point?

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