>The T word

>I’m going up for tenure and promotion this year, a year early.

What’s that, you say? Why haven’t I mentioned this before? Because I think I’m in denial. The file is due in 3 weeks, and other than asking my chair to arrange outside letters many months ago, I haven’t done a thing.

The other sign of my denial: I just finished making to-do lists for the semester and putting deadlines on my calendar, and the one deadline I forgot was the tenure file deadline. And it’s sooner than any others.


(I’m sure there will be future posts on this topic, btw.)


7 thoughts on “>The T word

  1. >My prediction: exactly one year from now you will be a tenured associate professor suffering the usual case of post-tenure depression.I think I know your work well enough to state with confidence you have nothing to be anxious about. Your tenurable on the cool cover of your book alone.

  2. >Apparently I was tenured even though I clearly don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” I meant to write: “Your tenurable on the cool cover of you’re book alone.” (And if you think about it, the book is even about days of yore).

  3. >Jeffrey – I wish I could take credit for that! Those design folks at the publisher are damn good! (Though I must say I have quibbles on the description of the illustration on the back, but it’s a minor thing.)As for your/you’re…I’m telling you’re dean write away! (Te-hee!)ADM and MW and Jeffrey — thanks!And it won’t be too bad — we’ve got annual reviews with dossiers, so it’s pretty much just a matter of re-writing narratives and updating. More in a later post.

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