>Dr. Virago, wuss

>The semester started today, but I don’t teach until tomorrow. Instead, my first class of the year was an hour-long lunchtime spinning* class at the rec center. It also happened to be my first spinning class ever.

Oh. My. God.

It kicked my ass, utterly and completely. I was especially wussy on the standing-up parts after about two or three sets: my knees went all wobbly and my legs said, “Are you KIDDING us?!” and gave up. I was too afraid I’d topple over and smack my face into the handle bars or something, so for the rest of class, everything time we were supposed to do a standing routine, I just upped the resistance, but remained seated.

But I’m totally jazzed now to have a new challenge. This is going to be good cross-training for running and it’s a lot more intense than any of the running jogging I’m doing now anyway. And I’ve got Victoria doing it with me, so it’s more social than my running, too. Maybe this will reinvigorate running for me; I hope so, because I’m starting to get bored (hence the lazy jogging).

So I’m psyched. By semester’s end, I want to kick ass back.

*For the uninitiated, “spinning” is a group exercise class using stationary bikes. We do interval training — various speeds, resistance levels, and positions — to upbeat music with the guidance of an instructor.


5 thoughts on “>Dr. Virago, wuss

  1. >Hey, hi George! Good to ‘see’ you ’round these parts. Anyway, I hope to be you when I grow up — or rather, I hope to love spinning class by the end of this semester. But right now, man, it is *hard*!

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