>Happy happy joy joy — good news

>My department voted unanimously to promote me and give me tenure! And rumor has it that unanimous votes in my department are a rarity. Wow — cool!

But now I must knock wood — KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK — because there are all the other levels my dossier must still go through.

Meanwhile, my fingers are crossed, I’m not counting any unhatched chickens, I’m knocking on wood, and, just for the heck of it, I’m throwing salt over my shoulder, too.


24 thoughts on “>Happy happy joy joy — good news

  1. >That is so awesome! And yes, you still have miles to go before you sleep and all that jazz, but you should be *really really proud* that you did so well at the department level! Yay Virago!

  2. >Great news! The unanimous thing is surely a big deal–if someone higher up tries to stop you, then the department rallies around you. The obviousness of this is enough to stop most higher-ups from doing something stupid.

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