>I know none of you are as excited about this as I am, but…

>…it seems that the BBC show “Life on Mars” is *finally* returning to BBC America for its second and final season on December 11 (about 8 months after it finished airing in the U.K.).

I want to jump up and down and say “woo hoo!” and urge you all to watch while American shows are on strike (and before the sure-t0-be-not-as-great David E. Kelley American version of the show finally makes its debut), but I’m skeptical, in part because it was hard to find this information. But in case it’s right, do set your DVRs or mark your calendars if you have BBC America and you’re at all interested in shows smart about class, gender, and genre.

The Dec. 11 debut of season 2 is what all the newsgroups and tv blogs are showing. And there’s an “Life on Mars: Episode 1” and an “Episode 2” listed on the BBC America schedule on Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 8pm and 9pm. I doubt they’d give over weekday prime time slots to reruns of the first season, right? But the weird thing is I haven’t seen any advertisement of the show during “Torchwood” (the other BBC show we’re watching right now on BBC America) and the BBC America website doesn’t say *anything* to announce the upcoming season (though granted, that website *stinks*).

I really really hope the blogs and newsgroups are right. Not only do I love show; not only am I dying to see the resolution; but it’s also nearly impossible to avoid spoilers when you’re googling to find out air dates, given that the show ended in the U.K. in April! Argh!

So, dear BBC America, *please* tell me for sure that Season 2 is starting on Dec. 11. Run some ads! Update your web site (and hire more people to keep it up to date)! Do *something*!

And PS — Speaking of “Torchwood,” man is that show dark and, frequently, depressing. And yet I can’t get enough of it. I was late to the whole new “Doctor Who” phenom, in part because I’d never watched the original shows and didn’t have nostalgia to draw me in (and I’m not a natural sci-fi fan, actually — crime is my preferred genre, so I come to sci-fi by way of crossover genres like “The X-Files”) but Bullock finally got me hooked (I still have to catch up with the Christopher Eccleston episodes) and now I’m hooked on “Torchwood,” too.


2 thoughts on “>I know none of you are as excited about this as I am, but…

  1. >Aw, this makes me sad that I can’t afford the cable packages that include BBC America. I still haven’t seen all of S1 of “Life on Mars,” though–but I would have if I had BBC America! (My mother does, which is how I saw the few episodes I did see.)”Torchwood,” now… I still can’t figure that show out. I think because I *did* see all of the relaunch of “Doctor Who,” and the difference between the DW Jack Harkness and the Torchwood one is surprising. Though the fact that they can’t seem to figure out whether or not they are actually a super-secret organization might also have something to do with my difficulty…

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