>More pictures of Norwich

>Just because I feel like it, here are some more pictures to go with the post below.

First, three views of the world’s crookedest building (or so I think), across from one of the gates to the Cathedral grounds:

A Norman keep plus a nun walking a cute dog plus a sunny blue sky = a perfect moment in Norwich (where is everyone else on this perfect day??):

The market square with the guildhall in the background:

A close-up of one of the tents (check out the sign — is it all wireless??):

Interior shots of the great hall at Stranger’s Hall (kind of dark, I know):

Seen in window while standing in Stranger’s Hall’s garden (creepy!):

One of the many medieval parish churches, a stone’s throw from the boundary of the Cathedral close (turn around and you’d see the Cathedral looming over you):

And finally, a view of the river across from where the Pastons once lived, complete with swans and one of many, many pubs in Norwich, The Mischief (on the right at the end of the bridge):

2 thoughts on “>More pictures of Norwich

  1. >Oh – love them both – live in one have had the closest of family living in the other for 30 years. They are very, very different – both their medieval and contemporary selves. Does that make sense? Typing with one hand, eating sandwich with other!!

  2. >I recently stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it.I spent a year in Norwich at the University of East Anglia and have been back several times to visit friends. It is a great city. Did you know that they have a pub for every day of the year and a church for every day of the week? Well, at least they did thirteen years ago…

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