>Need a roommate for K’zoo?

>Hey, is anyone looking for a roommate for K’zoo? These days I usually try to stay in one of the cheaper hotels because I’ll have a car and can easily get to and fro. I’m willing to play chauffeur at the beginning and end of each day. I don’t discriminate on the basis race, national or regional origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, discipline, subfield, institutional affiliation, rank, or sartorial style. However, I do prefer someone I’ve already met IRL.

3 thoughts on “>Need a roommate for K’zoo?

  1. >I have a room reserved at the nice place, but have to confirm that the person who was going to room with me is still planning to do so (which lets another blogger, who really doesn’t love sharing, off the hook!) E-mail me at my gmail, and I’ll fill you in, if you are interested.

  2. >Yeah, if it works out I’m interested. I’ve just e-mailed you.For others reading this: if it doesn’t work out with ADM I might still be in need of a roomie. I’ll post updates when I know.

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