>Snow day!

>Well, half snow day, anyway. Update: Yay! They closed for the whole day! I totally want to make a snowman now.

The campus is closed until noon as of the announcements this morning at 7am. That means no Chaucer class. I’m kind of bummed actually. I’m now going to have to squeeze in the end of the General Prologue (including the Summoner and the Pardoner) and all of the Knight’s Tale into two days instead of three. I’ll probably have to lecture to do it efficiently. Oh well.

The snow’s still coming down, so it remains to be seen if they close campus for a whole day. Here’s what the view outside my study looked like at 7:30 am:

In the summer all I see are leaves and the feet of people passing by on the sidewalk.


17 thoughts on “>Snow day!

  1. >*shakes head* This is not something I ever see, nor do I get to have the wonders of a snow day. Not that I’m complaining —- I think “Wildfires day” or “earthquake day” would not be any fun.

  2. >Steve — you Canadian, so tough! :)And Sisyphus, I know how you feel. We sort of had a El Nino day once when our prof couldn’t get down from the hills because his street had turned into a river. But *we* had still slogged through the rain to campus!

  3. >We had a snow day on Friday, and one of my neighbors made not only a snowman but actually a huge snow cupcake. It actually looked remarkable, complete with blue-tinted snow “sprinkles” on top.

  4. >Karl — I read you comment aloud to Bullock and he said, “You have weird friends.” I take that as a compliment!Prof. de Breeze — Hey now, I may not be teaching, but I *am* at work. Just wrote two paper topics, in fact. I am, however, in my sweats.WN – OK, now I’ve got a snow-thing inferiority complex. I don’t think I could do something that creative!

  5. >Nice try, Dr. V., but remember who you’re talking to. I’d never claim that you aren’t _working_ today, but we both know that there’s a big difference between working and being at work. Otherwise, why would we spend so much time hoping for snow days?

  6. >’Course. I can recognize the giddiness that snow days inspire from miles away.Anyway, I’m home now, and my envy has dissipated. I only really like snow for its work-cancelling properties. The coldness and wetness I can do without.Let’s see some pics of the snowman, by the way.

  7. >Alas, I did not make a snowman. It was pretty good snow for it at first, but it got slushy/icy pretty quickly. Plus, like you, I could do without the wet and cold. It’s much prettier from inside! (Though we did go out and shovel. Fun. Not!)

  8. >aha! finally i can read your blog… yes, as you surmised, i am amused by you having a snow day. we’ve gotten two feet of snow overnight more than once since i’ve lived here and i’m still expected at work on time, which means early, of course. i laugh at your snow day!!while we didn’t get around to snowshoeing, wiley and i had our own romp in the fresh foot of snow we got last night… and we ran into two GIANT bernese mountain dogs, everyone off-leash and the BMDs’ owner about a quarter-mile away. they’re big to begin with, but these two were especially huge. one was so fat he was more of a bernese mountain cube. anyway, there was much tentative butt-sniffing on their part and raised hackles on wiley’s part, but that’s as far as it went. i think Mr. Kittenheads knew better than to take on two animals that should have been pulling a wagon up the side of a mountain…enjoy your piddly little snowfall, ha!

  9. >Pretty pretty snow! I would love to have a snow day. We get lots of snow, but it takes blizzard conditions for us to get one, and even then there is a chance we won’t. I know that technically it is dangerous, but I love the image of all of that snow on tree limbs!

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