>The table, it is done!

>Voila – four views of the finished table. (Note: some of the pictures make the top look like it’s shinier and slicker, and sometimes even darker, than the bottom. It is not.)

All hail Bullock’s talent!


13 thoughts on “>The table, it is done!

  1. >Thanks everyone! I’ll be sure to tell Bullock to come read the comments!Oh, and NK, aside from the custom-made table, you pretty much *could* duplicate our dining room, since the paint, rug, and curtains are all national brands, and the chairs are from a regional chain that may have expanded out your way. Just saying.And Squadato – Yeah, that poster came from me and my old apartment — the rest either Bullock picked out (the paint colors) or designed (the table) or we picked out together. So I like that the room is a little bit me, a little bit him. Plus, the poster pulls the whole room together — it’s what makes sense of the black chairs and the curtain rods — so I really wanted to get a shot with it in it.

  2. >Absolutely stunning. We have roughly the same red color on our dining room walls, but the whole way up, and a slightly darker table, which I’ve felt was a little too heavy and dark. Seeing this beautiful space makes me realize how to fix that!

  3. >A beautiful table. Bullock is clearly a man of considerable talents. An intellectual and a handyman–I’m impressed. I also love the use of red in the room. Very nice!

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