>Doggie! Part Deux (because I don’t know Breton for ‘two’)

Anubis works in mysterious ways.

Betty Boop didn’t work out for us, but that just opened the door for the Dog Currently Known as Rowan (pictured above with loldog additions courtesy of moi).

Our home visit went well — it lasted all of 5 minutes and consisted primarily of the regional coordinator making sure we weren’t lying about our fenced-in yard. (Apparently people do, which is weird to me, since there’s always a home visit!) She’ll send us the contract by e-mail, and then once we fill out that and pay the adoption fee, then we coordinate with the foster dad to make arrangements for Rowan to be delivered to us.

We’ve already talked to Foster Dad about Rowan and she sounds *awesome*. She’s high energy, but I’m looking for a running companion, so that’s fine with me. And other than that, he says she’s been the easiest foster he’s had — eager to please, easy to train, and already knows and always obeys a number of commands. She’s a two-year-old who came to her foster home with bordatella and parasites, as well as matted fur that had to be nearly shaved, but she’s been treated for all of those and was a stellar patient and grooming client according to Foster Dad. She’s spayed, house-trained, crate-trained, and good on a leash, and though she’s an alpha who makes sure the other dogs know she’s boss, she’s not aggressive. She’s also apparently a “great napper” according to Foster Dad. This cracks me up, but I guess it’s Foster Dad’s way of saying once she’s had her exercise she’s a calm house dog, which is good.

And there was no other applicant interested in her, thank god! And as soon as I told the regional coordinator that my conversation with Foster Dad was great and that we wanted Rowan, her website bio was updated with “adoption pending.”

So, unless Rowan exhibits some previously-unknown fear of red-headed men or curly-haired brunette women, or some other weird and hard-to-overcome trait when we meet her, it looks like she’ll be ours. (Knock wood, knock wood, knock wood!!!) We’re even running through possible new names, and there’s a strong favorite, but we’ll wait until we meet the wee beastie (she’s only 34 pounds — she’s pretty wee, even for a Brittany). The name Rowan just doesn’t do it for us, despite the appropriateness of being Gaelic and meaning red — it’s too masculine, for one thing, and I like dog names that end in -ie or -y. I’ll keep you posted on possibilities or decisions made when/if she’s truly ours. (I’m sure you just can’t wait!)

16 thoughts on “>Doggie! Part Deux (because I don’t know Breton for ‘two’)

  1. >Rowena? Though, as a good daughter of Scandinavia, I love Pippi.Glad to hear that you’re in line to be giving such a lovely dog a “fur-ever” home!

  2. >Good luck! I hope Rowan joins your family, whatever name she is ultimately fated to receive.Having said that, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not point out that you just made a LOLDog image. That way madness lies, Dr. V. Stop now before it claims your soul!

  3. >Gorgeous dog! I think she’s more interesting looking than the other one. And, it sounds like she’ll be a great pet from the description!

  4. >Oh, I hope this one works out! I agree that she has a more interesting face – she looks inquisitive and eager to be a buddy (does that make sense from a dog’s face?) Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. >Good news everyone — all is working out with the adoption of Rowan and we’re now setting up a time and place to collect her from Foster Dad!I may post a survey about possible names!

  6. >”O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië! / O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay!” Congratulations on the addition of the little “napper” to your home.

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